not having enough family mother sent for
her friends--the brother of her dead beloved
his wife & two sons--Europe was at World War I

in a small country town a shtetl like home
with a handful of Jewish families among the goyim
father bought a general store outfitted & fed
the cotton farmers who prospered as did they

when I was three we moved to Houston where
her friends had gone--bumbling Houston--city
with a little more culture & Jewish families than
Central West Texas and we were rich for a time

when The Depression struck we were broke
mother raved at father as though he were to blame
thought he could protect her from anything

with great pain he borrowed one hundred bucks
from my uncle (who never let him forget it) drove a truck-
load of fresh produce to their former country home
where they had none…taking orders for oranges & greens

bringing back chickens eggs & animal fodder
leaving my inept mother to struggle with three
American adolescents in a world she wasn't made for
if I survive this she said I am made of iron.

One response to “SEEKING A LIFE

  1. Dianne Bettag

    September 22, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Mom, I think you should write a poetical novel of your life! This is lovely.


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